Friday, March 14, 2008

Daily Lab / POC Activities

Researched the possibility of reusing existing VeriSign certificates within Globus environment


  • To generate a new VeriSign certificate, use the certificate request program within Globus and email it to VeriSign for signing.
  • VeriSign certificates are x.509 compatible
  • VeriSign certificates are issued in base 64 ASCII text
  • Openssl can be used to convert the certificates from DER to PEM format as needed by Globus
  • In order to configure VeriSign as a trusted CA, the intermediate certificate (cert_hash) needs to be downloaded from the Support Resources site and copied to the TRUSTED_CA directory of Globus
  • The PKI admin will have access to the Download Resources site

VeriSign Contacts:
Bogdan Buta 650-426-3324
VeriSign Tech Support 1-800-579-2848

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