Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daily Lab / POC Activities


  • Reinstalled VDT on Lab 1001.
Note: If the installation is run by a non-root user, the certificates will be stored in the /opt/vdt/globus/etc directory instead of the default /etc/grid-security/certificates directory.

If you select "no" during the certificate installation portion of the install, VDT will not install the default trusted certificates. This is OK because the CA setup file shipped by HealthGrid, will create all required directories and install the certificates to the correct locations. If this method is used, the GRID_SECURITY variable located in /opt/vdt/ needs to be modified to include the correct directory location. (/etc/grid-security) This needs to be done before vdt-control --on is run.

  • Modified the Trusted Authority setup of the VDT installation document based on the recent VDT installations.
  • Installed and tested AccessGrid with Ken and Tom

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