Thursday, March 6, 2008

Daily Lab / POC Activities


  • Does a GUI exist for GridFTP?

A Windows based GridFTP GUI called, “GridFTP.Net” is currently available. This application was created by the University of Virginia and it can be found at: There are no currently working GridFTP GUI’s for Linux. A couple incubator projects have been initiated, but no GA versions have been released.

Current GridFTP GUI Incubator Projects include:


Java CoG Kit Grid FTP GUI

Although it is not a GUI, UberFTP is a text based interactive GridFTP Client. Information on UberFTP usage can be found at:

  • Continued researching Medicus
  • Started loading and configuring Medicus prerequisite software on lab 1002
  • Install Status:
* GT 4.0.5 (GridFTP, RLS, GSI) - GridFTP Configured, RLS Configured, GSI In Progress
* COG JGlobus - Not Started
* MySQL 4.x and MySQL J/Connector - MySQL 5.0 Installed, MySQL J/Connector 5.1 installed
* MCS only: OGSA/DAI WSRF 2.2 or higher - Not Started
* SSP and MCS only: UnixODBC - Not Started
* Gateway only: PixelMed(included with MEDICUS)- Deployed in /tmp will be moved to /usr/local
* Gateway only: MEDICUS project code - Deployed in /tmp will be moved to /usr/local

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