Monday, March 17, 2008

Basic Questions about OGSA-DAI

> 1) If I downloaded the current version of OGSA-DAI, what would I be able to do?

If you download OGSA-DAI you will be able to expose data resources, such as relational or XML databases or files, through one or more OGSA-DAI services. There are also a number of simple data integration scenarios that you can achieve - send the same query to various databases through an OGSA-DAI service. If you download extension pack you will also get some activities that allow you to do joins across relational databases (extension packs allow us to release functionality early that will be integrated into a future OGSA-DAI release). However, with what we currently release you will not be able to satisfy one of your scenarios yet (other than in the simplest way).

> 2) Generally, how difficult would it be?

Exposing a database through an OGSA-DAI service should not be difficult. The documentation we provide is quite intensive. After that it depends on what you want to do.

> 3) Is there any sample code that could be used to do a basic 'hello world' scenario?

With the base distribution you can do better than that. Have a look at the documentation that is on-line, see:

If you download the distribution you will get a version of this documentation (though the one on-line is the most up to date).

To download you will have to register (this allows us provide a metrics to our funders). Try it.

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