Tuesday, March 4, 2008

caBig Activities

Reported by:

Ashley Jacobs, Software Consultants, Inc.

I last worked on the CDC grid data service generation on Friday.

I ran into some problems, fixed those, then ran into new ones. The first problem I ran into was the unorthodox installation of MySQL. (Files were located in unexpected locations, and the MySQL server, having gone down, couldn’t be restarted.) I fixed that by re-installing MySQL by using RPM packages from the MySQL website made specifically for the RedHat Enterprise Linux version installed on that machine.

Then I worked with caCORE SDK 3.2.1 to generate the data service. I fixed some of the problems I found when I ran the data service generator, but I ran into others.

Today I sent an email (most of it was copied by me below) to the caCORE Workspace Lead to see if he had any insight into the problems.

I could use a WebEx remote-login session today to retrieve the build log to send it to the Workspace Lead.

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