Thursday, December 20, 2007

Daily Lab / POC Activities

  • Successfully annotated test UML model and validated against Semantic Integration Workbench (without errors)
  • Sent EAP & XMI files to SCI for submission to caBIG integration group for manual validation
  • Hopefully, they'll be able to expedite the process


  • Status call
  • University of Pittsburgh to installed VMWare on Tarrant County node computer and plans to install SUSE within the VM today
  • Tarrant County place HL7 files on their node computer
  • CDC successfully connected via VPN to Tarrant County node computer
  • NCPHI grid node operational in lab
  • NCPHI lab firewall changes have been submitted to lab management
  • Grid node firewall requirements posted to this blog in order that other nodes may request similar changes to their networked firewalls
  • OGSA-DAI call scheduled for first or second week in January, 2008, to discuss federating OpenMRS data model for public health use
  • Two hours scheduled for Thursday, January 4th status call to walk through node setup on Tarrant County grid node
  • We should be able to begin exchanging HL7 files the second week in January

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