Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Daily Lab / POC Activities

  • Annotated test Enterprise Architect model
  • Had errors attempting to run it through caAdapter & Semantic Integration Workbench
  • Plan to call help desk and revisit tomorrow
  • Successfully connected to Tarrant County VPN then used Windows Remote Desktop to connect to their soon-to-be-build grid node
  • Ken plans to install the Tarrant County grid node online through WebEx so that everybody can see how it's done
  • Rescheduled development meeting to first week in January, 2008
  • Realized that we were all looking at the OpenMRS software backwards. Decided to federate a view into the OpenMRS data model so that anybody may query multiple OpenMRS systems in a distributed fashion. This is more in line with original OGSA-DAI design principles. After this we'll look at gridifying OpenMRS.
  • Reported both PoC's progress to CDC PMO lead
  • Attended meeting to discuss new Diginet PoC in lab

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