Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Daily Lab / POC Activities


  • Installed NFS server on NCPHI grid node
  • Attached Dallas County grid node to NCHPI grid node through NFS client to access Globus installation files (removes download step)


  • Conference call with SCI to map out next steps in process. Finalized test model for proof-of-concept.
  • Downloaded and installed on office desktop caAdapter (Windows version) from NCI web site
  • Next steps (Load EA test model into caAdapter. Map object model to data model map specification. Import result back into EA. Re-export. Prepare questions for Claire Wolfe, expert on semantic integration at NCI. Take caCORE training for the Metadata Curator - Using UML Models curriculum in order to give them a background on the EVS and caDSR.
  • Conference call with Claire at end of week.
  • Recommendation to use 3.2.1 caCore SDK when developing "application"

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