Friday, December 7, 2007

Daily Lab / POC Activities

  • Stephan uploaded latest version of Medicus to FTP server
  • Stephan asked Laura Pearlman to help us connect to HealthGrid Live Certificate Authority Server
  • Laura provided the following information: 1. Load Medicus, 2. Run GridCertRequest to generate certificate, 3. Make sure email address points to, 4. Each grid node should have it's own certificate, 5. Each grid client should have it's own certificate, 5. Grid map file contains connection/naming information of each grid node server
  • Conference call with OGSA-DAI, U. of Pittsburgh, Tarrant County and two CDC EA team members to discuss potential Public Health use cases.

1 comment:

Tom Savel, MD said...

what's the difference between a grid node and a grid client?