Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Daily Lab / POC Activities

  • Received certificate instruction from Laura
  • Ran the following commands successfully:

$GLOBUS_LOCATION/sbin/gpt-build globus_simple_ca_ae084d2a_setup-0.19.tar.gz


$GLOBUS_LOCATION/setup/globus_simple_ca_ae084d2a_setup/setup-gsi -default

$GLOBUS_LOCATION/bin/grid-cert-request -host 'hostname'

  • Used unique domain name for grid node (not for public consumption)
  • This command created host certificate file
  • Mailed host public key to
  • Awaiting certificate from HealthGrid.US


  • This command created client certificate file
  • Mailed client public key to
  • Should have used account on server ('ken', for example) instead of 'root'
  • Will redo this Monday, send public key to address then await client certificate
Discussed differences between client and host certificates with Laura Pearlman

To do Monday

  • Dave at Tarrant to send vpn and remote terminal instructions to be able to connect to their server
  • Connect to Tarrant server, download sample HL7 file. Stephan is ready to "load" file into Medicus
  • Create client certificate request and email to HealthGrid folks
Conference call

  • Decided to walk through grid creation process using webex & conference call so that all can watch and ask questions
  • Ken will do this on Tarrant County server to create their node in a VM
  • Jeremy will watch, take notes and ask questions then follow procedure to create his own node
  • Ken will also make VM image of NCPHI node, ship to Jeremy to try that method of node creation

  • Exported XMI file into caAdapter
  • Created mapping in caAdapter
  • Imported mapped XML back into EA
  • Exported into new combined XMI file
  • We are ready to use SDK to create test application
  • Set up two conference calls for training on how to use SDK (Monday @ 10 AM & 3 PM)
Next Steps

  • Load caCore SDK in lab
  • Train on SDK
  • Create test tables in Oracle

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