Monday, December 10, 2007

Daily Lab / POC Activities


  • Reviewed & validated process to create model to run through caCORE SDK with Raghu Narasimha & Scott Halpine (SCI)
  • Next steps: 1) Conference call with Claire to double validate the process, 2) Load Oracle & SDK on lab machine, 3) Create tables then 4) run model through SDK to create test application
  • Enrolled at NCI web site to take Metadata Curator - Using UML Models training
  • Sent questions to Scott to send to Claire prior to conference call


  • Discussed Globus / Medicus / HealthGrid Live connectivity & installation strategy with Laura Pearlman and decided to get base Globus working with GridFTP followed by RLS (to set logical names for files) followed by metadata catalog.
  • Will run "gridcertrequest" to request certificate from HealthGrid.US Live
  • Note: host certificates are not encrypted while user certificates are
  • Plan to simultaneously look at client version of Medicus on Mac using OSRIRX client
  • Laura to send links for downloads

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