Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Many SDN deploys and GIPSEPoison tweaks

So, I finally got the "All Clinical Effects" element working in GIPSEPison... which effectively, if selected, tells the poison service to return all the human call volume for a given region instead of a particular clinical effect.

The next step is to get zip5 and zip3 working. I plan to do it the same way I did it in quicksilver: ask for all the counts of a state and then filter out the zipcodes I don't need. If zip5 is selected, just copy into the observations, but if zip3 is selected, bucket aggregate the zip5s. Ironically, having the whole state return grouped by zipcode is a lot easier than trying to list a long set of zip5s for an entire state (as would be the case with most gridviewer zip3 searches).

I also made a little zip3 to state properties file... in the hopes of not needing the geolocation database (and saving installation steps).

Otherwise, I have also been helping a lot with deploys and scans for various targets... which has caused lots of discussions about ways of automating things so that less time is taken up by these things which are going to be more frequent. The hope is that we can just tell someone about a build label and have someone hit "go" with that variable set and whatever needs to be deployed will get deployed automagically.

Either way, that is not the only improvement being discussed. I get the feeling that soon next week a whole lot of cool new services and visualizations are going to start getting hammered onto and into various design tables.


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