Tuesday, September 29, 2009

GIPSEPoison supporting zipcodes, now onto easier installers

So, after a lot of planning, I finally managed to get general zip5 and zip3 support working in the GIPSEPoison service. I got it so that the service would only ever have to make two calls to the NPDS-poison service (one for states, one for zips) and that it could return zip3 and zip5 and state results simultaneously, and checked in the code after testing it.

The next thing I am planning to work on is some ant scripting for building and deploying the service in one simple command. The hope is that it will turn the install process for this service into a simple command thus turning about ten steps into about a two step process (one if you are repeating the process or just installing a patch).

Otherwise, it seems the farther future involves the generation of more services, more intricate installers, portals and other service/viewer aggregators. My hope is to just start creating things that make fetching and installing these items as easy as possible.


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