Friday, August 7, 2009

Updated sample data on NCPHI node

One of our partner asked for better distribution of Denominator and flu data on our sample node's GIPSEService (

So I generated some synthetic data for the 12 BioSense Denominator and flu indicators (EDVisits,EDVisits-LowTemp,EDVisits-HighTemp,EDVisits-UnknownTemp,ILI-b,ILI-b-LowTemp,ILI-b-HighTemp,ILI-b-UnknownTemp,ILI-n,ILI-n-Lowtemp,ILI-n-HighTemp,ILI-n-UnknownTemp) for Jan,Feb,March,April and June.

The values are all random but at least you can generate some ratios and percentages and such (previously we only had about 35 days spread out over the year).

So please check out gridviewer and the service API and let me know if it is helpful at all.

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