Thursday, August 6, 2009

Easy upgrading GIPSEService to 20090831 gipse.xsd schema

In case you have customized the GIPSEService, you can easily update it to use the namespace gipse.xsd by following the few steps below: (thanks to Peter for collecting the details)

  1. Update the gipse.xsd within the ./schema directory with the latest version (available in the sourceforge project)

  2. Replace all the occurrances of "20090630" with "20090831" within the following files:
    ./schema/GIPSEPoison/gipse.xsd (replaced entirely)

  3. Run "ant clean"

  4. Run "ant all"

  5. Run "ant createDeploymentGar"

  6. Undeploy your old service

  7. Deploy your updated service (created in step 5)

That's it, you shoudln't need to modify any Java code.

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