Sunday, August 16, 2009

Prepping for Monday.


Over the past couple of weeks I have been dealing with two fronts: On one front, GridViewer is being modified heavily with lots of cool new javascript and AJAX type functionality, so I have been making simple data-fetching interfaces as needed to support said functionality. On the other front, I have found out that GIPSEPoison works everywhere but the training node and have been investigating why.

There are now two new methods in the new gridviewer class PHMapper and a bunch of new classes, code, and even some new bits in gmap-polygon which will help data be pulled relatively easily. I'm basically mapping out better ways to associate and pull data (things like keeping the regional data separate from the time-series data so that one can be adjusted without messing with the other) but maintaining all the old structures to keep the old grid-viewer working as an example. Thus there has been some function splitting, but luckily I have managed to avoid duplicating lots of code.

Meanwhile, one of the foibles of GIPSEPoison is that it relied on the maven-built NPDS-Client-jar-with-dependencies... The "Jar with dependencies" is something maven does in case you want to run a client from the command line so that you don't have to mess with classpaths or worry about conflicts (shove the jar with dependencies in a directory and hit go). The dangerous temptation is to include it in something that is not maven-related that still needs the code (like an introduce project, more specifically, GIPSEPoison) because it's one jar rather than 20 (NPDS-client uses a lot of CXF and xml/jaxb jars).

Thus, one of the things I hope to complete early next week is to wrangle together all the jars needed separately and include them in the lib of the GIPSEPoison project. Right now GIPSEPoison does not work on the training node... and while it seems like a library conflict it could be something else. If it's a library conflict, having separate jars will be necessary to fix the issue. Otherwise, having separate jars is good form (it allows other potential conflicts to be discovered easier) and we might just run GIPSEPoison off a different globus container.

So, next week should be some adventures in jar hunting and library tweaking. If GIPSEPoison gets sorted out relatively early and the various installs I need to support go well, I hope to clean up some of the packaging of gridviewer (pull out the java code into a 'ServiceUtils class' leaving grid viewer a pure web project) and gmap-polygon (try and see if more of the data can be cleaned up and made simpler to download/sync) and brush up the documentation.


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