Thursday, August 6, 2009

GIPSEService and GIPSEPoison.

GIPSEService was updated, so I updated the client and other libraries in the PHGrid repository (the old client/common/stubs was version 0.1, the current version is (like the schema) 20090831) and tested the integration. If you are interested in updating to the new versions of GIPSEService and GIPSEPoison, just update your gridviewer and it should be able to connect.

Otherwise GIPSEPoison is now returning state data. I had to adjust how the CXF service was being called, but thanks to Jeremy and a lot of legwork by Chris, we now have service re-sending enabled within a globus service... which is neat!

Tomorrow, we are going to try and deploy a bunch of this new stuff, so hopefully you will be able to pull from GIPSEPoison and the new GIPSEService and see some of the cool changes Chris has been making too.

Otherwise, this marks the first step in The Big Shift of a large amount of the UI code to Chris. He is (at least from my vantage point) excruciatingly good with several web technologies like JSON, REST, AJAX, JQuery, (a lot of which fit under an umbrella of JavaScript) and frameworks. Thus, a lot of my job over the next couple of weeks will be itemizing processes and adding to the infrastructures of geolocation code and the service-wrangling code. The end goal is for me to make a bunch of simple and obvious functons to be called by the architecture Chris is setting up. Thus, many of the persistence and state needs will move into a fancy web controller which will allow for much niftier User Interface stuff (like sliding date ranges and AJAX-populated drop down lists).

I'm looking forward to a lot of the new stuff!


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