Friday, October 2, 2009

More code migration

I just finished moving over two additional subprojects from our sourceforge repository to the newer google code repository.

From now on, please access gridviewer and gmap-polygon through google code. The sf version will stick around for a while to minimize inconvenience of repository switching, but eventually it will be replaced with just a pointer to the google code repository.

We're switching to google's site for a few minor reasons: 1) the issue tracking / wiki software is better. It lets you create pretty clean workflows through their tagging system; 2) the code review feature is useful; 3) their Subversion server is quite faster than sourceforge's; and 4) it's easy to switch, so we can switch back to sourceforge if it becomes better.

Note, we're not moving everything over to google code (yet) so there will be some time until all the subprojects come over.

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