Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Code transfer

I finished moving all of the active source projects from sourceforge to google code to support our transitioning off the project.

The following subprojects have been successfully moved (GIPSEPoisonService, GIPSEService, GIPSEServiceInstaller, gmap-polygon, gridviewer were all moved prevously:

  • GridMedlee: from sf to gc.

  • PHGridLanding: from sf to gc.

  • SecureSimpleTransfer: from sf to gc.

  • gipse-dbimporter: from sf to gc.

  • gipse-store: from sf to gc.

  • gipse-poly-web: from sf to gc.

  • loader-gmaps-poly: from sf to gc. (this includes the CSVs for settng up the gridviewer GIS tables)

  • npds-gmaps: from sf to gc.

  • npds-gmaps-web: from sf to gc.

  • poicondai: from sf to gc.)

  • schemas: from sf to gc. (this includes the schemas and example xml for the GIPSE services)

The sf projects will be left intact so as not to break any links, but all activity will be made on the google side from today onward.

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