Wednesday, October 7, 2009

GIPSEPoison service move, and GIPSE Service Installers

The GIPSEPoison Service has now moved over to the google code repository (you can check out a read-only copy from

But, one of the things that I have been doing has been making an ant-fueled bundle that will install both the GIPSEPoisonService and the GIPSEService with a single ant command. You can read about that here:

It essentially uses a properties file to download code from a repository, deploys other service-specific properties files to the downloaded code, and then calls the downloaded code's build and deploy scripts.

The idea is that for future service deploys, I can just email Dan a zip with the appropriate properties files and say "unzip this as [user] and then run 'ant all'". My next hope is to try and see if I can make a mvn based download script so that I can make similar installers for things like GIPSEService. The other cool thing is that both ant and mvn should be easily callable by the NSIS installer that Dan found.

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