Thursday, January 3, 2008

Medicus Installation

As the globus user (works better as root), make sure $GLOBUS_LOCATION is set, and run:

$GLOBUS_LOCATION/sbin/gpt-build globus_simple_ca_ae084d2a_setup-0.19.tar.gz

You will get a scary-looking message from gpt-postinstall saying that the installation didn't complete. All that means is that there's another step that you need to run as root.

As root, make sure $GLOBUS_LOCATION is set, and run:

$GLOBUS_LOCATION/setup/globus_simple_ca_ae084d2a_setup/setup-gsi -default

You should do this on each host on which you have Globus installed. At that point, you'll be able to create a host certificate request for each host by running the following as root on each host:

$GLOBUS_LOCATION/bin/grid-cert-request -host `hostname`

You can create a user certificate request by running the following as yourself:


Then you can follow the directions about mailing the certificate requests to the CA.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a globus installation.
do you have any instruction (step by step) about medicus installation?

Ken said...

You may find medicus installation instructions here:

fais cool said...

do you have source code for medicus??
i've request for the source code but there is no respon.