Thursday, January 24, 2008


Email from NCI:

We’ve received the annotated xmi file mapped and
verified by the EVS team. Please download file
from the files page on the GForge UML Model website (
The annotated xmi file is contained within that zip file. You now need to
proceed methodically through the annotated file and check mark the “Model Owner
Verified” box for all classes and attributes whose mappings you approve
of. If you agree with everything then save out the file as
Approved_CDC_v0_1_rv1.xmi and send me that file along with the new EAP file
(import the approved xmi into EA and save out). I will then set up your
model to be loaded to Sandbox. If you don’t agree with a concept mapping
then you can speak directly with Nicole Thomas ( on the EVS team
to make any changes. Make sure you send her the XMI file you’re working on
(check marks, new VDs, edits, etc.) if you do want to change something after
talking to her.

As I said, if you agree with the concepts, we can proceed directly to
loading. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or

  • Ran file through Semantic Integrator Software
  • Created approved file
  • SCI Group on site to install caBig node

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