Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Presentation from caBIG

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Key points:
Make sure to use SDK vs. 3.2.1
For the DB – make sure to select either Oracle or mySQL

Essentially the steps include creating a domain model/object model
Then creating the data model (make sure to drag from foreign to primary to build connections)
Then map those two models together using a tool called caAdapter
In order to prep for seed after you need to export your models into XMI
The key is to make sure that you export at the highest level of the logical view
And make sure that you only have one check box marked in the upper right hand section
Once you run caAdapter, it will modify your XMI file
And then export it to then run the caCORE SDK
The caCORE SDK will generate the web front end to your data service

There are other steps to gridify this data service however there not required for this proof of concept

Conceptually, if everything above was step one, steps 2, 3 and 4 – involve the “semantic integration workbench” the UML Loader (this step registers the xmi with the caDSR), and the caCORE SDK.

A tool called “introduce” can gridify the application

You can access the SDK 3.2.1 presentation from following link.
SDK 3.2.1 Presentation:

The caAdapter tool that had mentioned earlier as being the webtool is actually a standalone application for version compatible with SDK 3.2.1. Their web version should get released in two to three weeks. You can download their standalone version from


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