Monday, November 19, 2007

Daily Lab / POC Activities

  • Researched Biosurveillance Minimum Dataset
  • Researched caCore
  • Identified key documents within caCore
  • Confirmed that we must use existing vocabulary items in caDSR/caVocabulary (sp?) in our test UML model
  • Downloaded and installed EA tool (used predominantly by caBIG folks). Tool is a windows application so it was installed on Ken's CDC computer and is used for UML modelling. Unsure at this point how much information required by caCORE for UML model. Tool only useful for 30 days without license. SCI guys trying to attain license.


  • Testing two models for Globus installation
  • Model #1 uses VDT
  • Model #2 use the Globus installation binary
  • Also have questions out to Stephan, Victor and fellow at Argonne for best practice

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Ken said...

Received EA Tool Software license today.