Thursday, February 14, 2008

Daily Lab / POC Activities


  • Configured ntp to synchronize time between grid servers
  • Worked with Dallas network engineers to open TCP ports
    • Able to perform a third party transfer between Atlanta and Tarrant from Dallas's server.
  • Researching the SSL handshake error when transfer is performed from Atlanta.
  • Researching Globus NAT issues: Globus documention mentions the software has problems running behind NAT firewalls. ( Defining $GLOBUS_HOSTNAME in the etc/xinetd.d/gsiftp file may solve the issue.
    • System connects on a public IP, but returns a private address to the remote server. The remote sessions then sends a "NO ROUTE TO 192.168...." error.
  • Started install of 2nd Atlanta Grid Node.
  • Will try an ATL to ATL transfer on current ATL server with no changes to the config.

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